Hello fellow entrepreneur,

As far back as I can remember, in my youth, I don’t recall having any examples of any entrepreneur’s in my life, necessarily.

However, now that I think about it, there was one friend of mine whose father ran a trash truck. He’d pick and haul all the neighborhood trash to the city dump. And there also was a lady who lived behind my home, that ran a hair salon and candy store, so I guess they would qualify as entrepreneur’s.

Most everyone else I knew of and saw worked on one or two jobs, including my mother.

As you can imagine, coming from a large family, there just was not very much extra money left for us kids to spend on things we wanted, an allowance.

I often joke that if we had asked my mom for an allowance, after knocking the crap out of us, she would had replied, allowance my ass. I’m allowing you to live in my house, eat my food, sleep in my beds, etc…

So, that allowance thing would not have played well in my home. And, I really was grateful to live in my mother’s house, eat her food and sleep in her beds😆 .

As with most kids my age back then, I had my list of toys and things that I wanted. Like a mini motor bike, a basketball and basketball goal, hell just some spending money I could call my own. 

Back then I knew the only way for me to get money legally was to go out and create a way to get it.

So at 8/9 years old I would take my mothers lawn mower, around the neighborhood and find yards I could cut. I’d make around $3 to $5 per yard.

Wow, even with all those sisters in the house, not only did I still have to wash those freaking dishes, but I was also responsible for cutting our yard too 😥 . But hey, I was just glad to be living in my mother’s house, eating her food and sleeping in her bed, ya mean?

And I was very fortunate in that there were 2 neighbors, a man, Mr. Williams and my mothers friend, Miss Lowese.

He and she both took a liking to me and hired me out for the summer and let me cut their yards, with their mowers and using their gas, each summer for many years.

They each paid me $8 to $13 to cut their yards, way above the going rate at the time. I think they saw something in me worth investing  and I am so glad that they did. Thank you Miss Lowese and Mr. Williams.

As a youth, what was your dream and who helped you get started on your entrepreneurial journey?

See ya next post.



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