Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Welcome back to as the stomach churns, with Internet Newbie, Willie Robertson.

I am not sure where I got my entrepreneurial ambitions from, but I’ve had them from an early age.

Let me go back a few centuries, Yes I was there with good Ole Abe. Okay, sorry Abe fans.

I was raised in a quite large family, get this. I was raised in a home with, are you ready? I was raised in a home with 8 women. Yes 8, women, ladies, girls, and I was the only boy/man around that house.

Let’s see there was my mom and my 7 sisters. I felt like Kate plus eight, only it was Willie plus eight.

And my father, who knows where the hell he was, but, I digress.

Yep good Ole mommy dearest, GOD REST HER LOVING HEART AND SOUL, raised all 8 of us, my 7 sisters and I, all by her lonesome.  And yep I, the onliest brother and wanna be man of the house, still had to wash them damn dishes. Shoot, can’t a brotha get a break?

I got a break alright. My 4 oldest sisters would beat the crap out of me, and then I would try to beat the crap out of my 3 little sisters. And most times I could, one at a time. But, oh boy, if they ganged up on me. Oh well…Let’s just say I finally learned to live and let live, ya mean?

Anyway, as far as I can remember, my mother always worked and she worked very hard to put food on the table and a roof over our heads.

We did not have a lot of money and but, funny thing is, I never thought of us as being poor. We just did not have some of the really nice things that maybe others of my friends had, which now that I think about it, was not much more than us.

My mom was an LPN/RN nurse, much luv to you nurse’s. But she was always working, yet she seemed to also find time to spend with us children.

One really great thing I remember about my mother is, although she was mostly only able to put food on the table and provide shelter, every Christmas though, she’d make certain that we each got at least one of the toy’s that we really desired  and the one Christmas that she missed it, the toy she did buy me was way better than what I thought I wanted in the first place.

So, again I really did not have any entrepreneur examples in my life, per’se. 

Most every adult that I saw, worked a full time job and sometimes a part-time job too, to make a living for their families.

I saw nurses, janitors, bus drivers, preachers. And they all seemed to also be barley making it, yet not complaining as is the case for so many now a days.

Sometimes I sit back and remanence and try to figure out, where did I get the desire to want to work for myself, from my own home and be my own boss? 


See ya in the next post.





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