Hello fellow entrepreneur,

I am a student of learning of ways to create additional income streams and sources, thus I get a lot of email solicitations on making money. Admittedly most of it is pure hogwash, but that doesn’t mean that I throw the baby out with the bath water. No I try to do my due diligence and research some opportunities I deem worth while.

I am also a student of  Mike Dillard, or I have purchased some of his courses, magnetic sponsoring, copy writers guild and a few others.

Mike Dillard is the founder of what is known around the Internet marketing for profit arena as the, father of attraction marketing.  Mike is Stepping down and moving on to a new calling. I am personally glad that Mike is taking on this new challenge and venture. I believe he can and will be able to help a lot of people. You can get more info here: Mike Dillard stepping down , and for their FB page click here>>> The Elevation Group Facebook Fan page

Mike shared this 60 minutes video on the site to let people know why he is stepping down from MS and taking on this new endeavour. If this video doesn’t cause you to tear up, you’re probably dead, 🙁 it really saddens me.

We need to wake up and learn how to take control of our own financial livelihood. Corporate America and the government sure ain’t.

See ya next post…

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