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Back again with my continuing saga on my entrepreneurial journey.

Last year I came across an informercial on TV by a young entrepreneur by the name of Ephren Taylor.


Ephren was selling a course and book called “Creating Success From The Inside Out.”

Being entrepreneurial minded myself, I ordered the course and received it in about 3 weeks.

Inside the course was a DVD, an audio CD and the book, “Creating Success From The Inside Out.” The audio CD was entitled, “Motivating The Conscious.”

On the Cd were 3 successful African American male CEO’s and multimillionaries interveiwing Mr. Taylor about his success journey and how he got started.

Let me start at the beginning:

Ephren Taylor, who now is 28 or 29 years old, at 12 years of age founded his first company, became a millionaire at  sixteen and was CEO of a multimillion-dollar public corporation by the age of 23, one of the youngest CEO”s to ever run a publicly traded company.

As I listened to the audio Cd, “Motivating The Conscious”, each man gave a brief introduction about how they themselves got started on their on entrepreneurial journey’s, again all at very early ages…

They dicussed how so many people talk about wanting to do something great, yet they never “TAKE ACTION”, or as one of the men said, they never pull the trigger by getting started.

When asked how he got started and what motivated him to “pull the trigger and take action”, Ephren Taylor simply said, he was tired and UNCOMFORTABLE with the “STATUS QUO!

In my next post I am going to share with you Eprhen Taylor’s amazing story to success. Financial and business wise.

See ya next post… 


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