Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Last post we found out that sometimes life circumstances and uncomfortable situtations can bring out the best in us, the entrpreneur in us, that we might not have otherwise tapped into.

I know for me as a youth and a couple of my partners in crime 🙂 , we wanted to have our own spending money and unlike our other friends we went out and found ways to earn some money. We cut yards, ran paper routes and some worked at the local gas station pumping gas. And we were just 9 to 12 years of age at that time.

As we grew older we than began to work in summer youth programs that hired youth doing the summer months to try to give them something to do, as well as make some spending cash for the summer.

I can remember laying down in my driveway looking up at the sky day dreaming about this person my mom called God and wondering where he came from, and thinking, how I could get his help to reach my dreams and desires 😕  

Even at a very young age I had some big dreams and desires, like most of us do. Sadly though, life has a way of trying to stuff the dreams and desires out of us. I refuse and have refused to give in, how about you?

Feeling uncomfortable yet?

What are you going to do about it?

Luv, ya.

See ya next post…

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