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There seems to be certain character traits that every or most entrepreneur’s have. I believe while most entrepreneur’s are born with these traits, they can also be developed.

Last post I was writing about a young man named Ephren Taylor, who started his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age, age 12. As I listened to the audio CD, “Motivating Your Consciouness,”  Ephren Taylor was asked how what got him started as entrepreneur?

In response to that question Mr. Taylor said something that I found very interesting, as I looked back over my youth.

He said most entrepreneur’s get started in one of a 2 ways, either a life circumstance happens and causes them to seek out a soultion thus they venture into the business world or they have the unique ability of making themselves “UNCOMFORTABLE.” 

He said, action begans to happen in uncomfortable situations.

Ephren related that he came from a small family but yet they were not considered a well to do family. And at the age of 12 he wanted a video game, but his family did not have the extra money to buy it. So Ephren’s mother challenged him and said, why not learn how to make his own video game, which he decided he could and would do. And, he succeeded at it.

He did his research, found some books on the subject and Ehpren went on to create his own video game. He also started selling them to his classmates fo $10 a pop. Thus began his entrepreneur journey.

Of course Mr. Taylor did not stop there, he went on to many other successful endeavours and he is now a multi millonaire at the young age of 28 or 29.

Have you had any life circumstances happen to you that has made you uncomfortable? If so, what did you do about them?

See ya in the next post…

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