Hello fellow entrepreneur,

As the new kid on the block, back in 1997, trying to learn to use the Internet, did not go quite as well as I would have liked.  Actually I really did not get serious with trying to use the internet until 2001, by that time though I had at least learned what and where the web browser bar was located and what a web address was.

Wow, Willie were you that dumb? No I wasn’t. Before my wife and I divorced in 1998, we had the internet in our home, I just never took the time to investigate it nor it’s usefulness, I can sometimes be a little slow embracing technology. I didn’t jump on the cell phone, CD/DVD craze right away, but try taking them away from me now, you’d have a fight on your hand, 🙂 .

Over the years though, 1999-2001, I began to hear more and more buzz about this thing called the Internet and I heard and saw businesses beginning to use the term, you can find us on the world wide web.

So, curious, I started asking questions and decided it was high time I get hooked up with and using this thing called the Internet.

In 2001 I did not have a decent computer, so I purchased an item called Web TV from a best buy store.

Yep, my first ever ride on the world wide web was done through my television.

I had a Internet service with MSN, it cost me $9.95 per month for 5 hours of surf time. Yep, I know, not much time for a newbie to be able to learn his way around this web thing. I was using it mostly for email, and yep it did take a lot of time to navigate around using that web TV gizmo.

Finally I decided, 5 hours was not enough time to master this internet stuff and I canceled my MSN account and put that web TV gadget in my closet. It would be another year or so before I ventured back into the internet. However I’d now had a taste of the internet and what it offered. I was determined I was going to get access to it and learn how to use it.

So, the saga continues…

See ya next post. 



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