Hello fellow entrepreneur,

As I begin my blogging journey again, (I started my first blog  last year.) Check it out, if you dare, :lol:. Mean while…

I was thinking what I should write about in  my next post, as I share my Internet journey, it dawned on me, maybe I should also go back and share my first ever experience dealing with anything involving the Internet. So, HERE WE GO…

The Inter What???


Understand, I have never been nor considered myself techie at anything, I’m just a plain old laborer. The closet thing to me being technical with anything was, when as a kid growing up I’d always end up tearing my toys apart, trying to put them back together, because I was curious as to how they worked.

When putting the toys back together, sometimes I succeeded and sometimes, let’s just say, I would end up with more parts left over then when I first began. But hey the toy still worked, :lol:.

Actually as a teenager I did learn and develop, on my own, skills to work on automobiles. I would take out transmissions, motors, radio’s and stuff like that, and that was just on my neighbors cars, not!!! Just kidding.

Seriously though, other than that I was not very techy nor did any of that techie stuff interest me, leave that to the geek’s. Much luv to Bill Gates. Hey, anybody know if he’s doing any hiring or offering a geek/techie apprenticeship?

Don’t be offended if you are a “geek” or you are “techy”,after all, where would the world be with out yall. Excuse me! I meant to say, You all, smile.

I relate my beginning because this Internet stuff really was foreign to me.

At that time I was married and my wife worked for the government in the IT department, so she was a walking geek, to some extent, and as far as I was concerned, she was as geeky as I wanted to get. (I sure miss that woman). But I digress.

We had a computer at home and I figured since she did this computer stuff for a living, let her handle the computer stuff at the crib, ya mean? However, back in 1996, I kept hearing this buzz word, “THE INTERNET.” Ooh, it sounded so secret agent like.

I remember thinking, what the hell is “THE INTERNET?” Is this some new net used for catching stuff, or, since I was married, maybe it was a new line of hosiery for women. Heck, I was clueless.

Back then, if I remember correctly, the ISP we were using sent us a floppy disk to use for setting up Internet service at our home. Also although I was not techie, I don’t think we were as concerned, back then, with some of the threats we now have with privacy issues and viruses, worms and the like. My how things have since changed.

My wife took right to this Internet stuff, me on the other hand, I did not even know where the web browser/address bar was located or what it even did if I did locate it, duh!

I remember one day asking my wife, honey how do you use the Internet? What I should have really asked was, honey, what and why the hell would I even want to use it in the first place?

She caually said, oh, just put the website address you want to visit in the Internet web address browser and push enter, and she left the room. I remember thinking, the web what, and the address where. I truly believe that’s why she and I are divorced today, ha, ha.

This internet stuff totally blew a brothers mind. Whew, I’m still picking up the pieces these many years later :lol:.

But it’s been a really fun ride thus far…

See ya next post.

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