Hello fellow entrepreneur,

As with anything worthwhile, it is a journey of learning new skills and things along the way. Unfortunately, it can be challenging along the way. But I have found that if you stick with it, it sure can be fun also, as well as rewarding.

It saddens me to see people give up on this wonderful thing called life. Especially in today’s reality. Man there are so many great opportunities that avail themselves to us.

As I grew up I went from cutting yards to make money, to at age 13 catching the bus and riding 20 miles one way to a school to work a summer youth program, until in third year I got hurt and broke my collar bone.

At age 15 a friend of mine told me of a job opportunity busing tables at a restaurant. Hell I did not even know what that meant, but I went with him to the restaurant.

We arrived right at the rush hour, and things were really jumping.

We did not even fill out a job application, the guy just threw an apron on us and sent us out among the wolfs of hungry patrons.

I remember how fast things seemed to be moving in the restaurant and one waiter told me to go and get some kind of basket or something. Me being new to all this fast action and bus boy, restaurant waiter stuff, thought, a basket what? And find it where?

Anyway, I tried to fake it and look like I knew what the hell I was doing, when I overheard one of the waiters say, this kid don’t know sh-t, I ain’t paying him nothing. I thought to myself, oh really?

I might have been young but I’m no fool. I hurried up and got the hell out of that place, real fast. 

Ain’t paying me, I thought, fool I didn’t waste my time coming here to work my ass off and not get paid.

I knew something was fishy when these guy’s didn’t even have us fill out a job application nor did they train us. They just put us to work and then got mad because we did not know how to bus tables or where that damn basket thing was.

My friend stayed, and worked there for a week before he finally quit. AND THEY STILL DIDN”T HAVE HIM FILL OUT AN APP.

It took that dummy a whole week to figure out that if he did not fill out a legal job application, they weren’t obligated to, and probably were not going to pay him.

The moral of the story is, sure the road on this entrepreneurial journey is hard, but sometimes you just have to know when, as they say, to fold em and move on…

See ya next post.

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