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My first discovery/realization of the “Internet” was way back in the 1990’s. To me it seemed like some kind of a secret agent buzz word 😕 .

My wife was a computer networker in the IT department at her job, so she was pretty well versed on Internet jargon, me on the other hand, could care less .

I was busy using the word processor on our computer, making up flyer’s and post cards to use for advertising my direct mail/mlm business. If I knew then what I know now about the Internet and it’s affect on the world economies and marketing, as they say, I’D BE RICH beyond my wildest dreams.

After that day when I asked my wife how to use the Internet and she said, just put the website address you want to visit in the web browser bar. (I guess she didn’t realize I did not even know what or where this browser thing was nor did I know the address.) I mean come on, should I look in the yellow pages to find the address? Duh. I didn’t know.

Anyhu, after that ordeal, I went back to my world of simplicity, using my  word processor and did not think about the Internet again until 2001.

Although I did not use the Internet, I remember hearing a few buzz words surrounding those who were using the Internet, words like Netscape, Message Boards, Flaming and this one really got my attention, “THE WORLD WIDE WEB.” I thought OMG, what’s that, spider man on steroids?

Again, I was completely CLUELESS and HELPLESS, because, my computer geek, techie wife and I ended up divorcing, and as luck would have it, right about that time she was doing some work for our church, changing out their old computer system and replacing it with new modern equipment and they were also getting internet service.

Now, the company she was working with, who was supplying the computers for the church, had made a deal with her. For every 10 computers she got for the church, this company gave her one free.

She ended up with 3 free computers. One for her and the two others went to my kids. I didn’t get a new one 😥 .

I ended up getting stuck with the old one we originally had, still having to use the word processor, whiles she and my kids got upgraded to a computer with a CD ROM and Internet access. (looks like I picked a bad time to get a divorce.)

No prob, I’ll just sit over here in my one bedroom apartment and continue making my direct mail pieces and flyer’s with that darn word processor, to use for my business promotions. I’ll show them, ha, ha… 

Till next post…



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