The Entrpreneurial Journey Continues.

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

As with anything worthwhile, it is a journey of learning new skills and things along the way. Unfortunately, it can be challenging along the way. But I have found that if you stick with it, it sure can be fun also, as well as rewarding.

It saddens me to see people give up on this wonderful thing called life. Especially in today’s reality. Man there are so many great opportunities that avail themselves to us.

As I grew up I went from cutting yards to make money, to at age 13 catching the bus and riding 20 miles one way to a school to work a summer youth program, until in third year I got hurt and broke my collar bone.

At age 15 a friend of mine told me of a job opportunity busing tables at a restaurant. Hell I did not even know what that meant, but I went with him to the restaurant.

We arrived right at the rush hour, and things were really jumping.

We did not even fill out a job application, the guy just threw an apron on us and sent us out among the wolfs of hungry patrons.

I remember how fast things seemed to be moving in the restaurant and one waiter told me to go and get some kind of basket or something. Me being new to all this fast action and bus boy, restaurant waiter stuff, thought, a basket what? And find it where?

Anyway, I tried to fake it and look like I knew what the hell I was doing, when I overheard one of the waiters say, this kid don’t know sh-t, I ain’t paying him nothing. I thought to myself, oh really?

I might have been young but I’m no fool. I hurried up and got the hell out of that place, real fast. 

Ain’t paying me, I thought, fool I didn’t waste my time coming here to work my ass off and not get paid.

I knew something was fishy when these guy’s didn’t even have us fill out a job application nor did they train us. They just put us to work and then got mad because we did not know how to bus tables or where that damn basket thing was.

My friend stayed, and worked there for a week before he finally quit. AND THEY STILL DIDN”T HAVE HIM FILL OUT AN APP.

It took that dummy a whole week to figure out that if he did not fill out a legal job application, they weren’t obligated to, and probably were not going to pay him.

The moral of the story is, sure the road on this entrepreneurial journey is hard, but sometimes you just have to know when, as they say, to fold em and move on…

See ya next post.

Uncomfortable With The Status Quo! Pt. 3

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Last post we found out that sometimes life circumstances and uncomfortable situtations can bring out the best in us, the entrpreneur in us, that we might not have otherwise tapped into.

I know for me as a youth and a couple of my partners in crime 🙂 , we wanted to have our own spending money and unlike our other friends we went out and found ways to earn some money. We cut yards, ran paper routes and some worked at the local gas station pumping gas. And we were just 9 to 12 years of age at that time.

As we grew older we than began to work in summer youth programs that hired youth doing the summer months to try to give them something to do, as well as make some spending cash for the summer.

I can remember laying down in my driveway looking up at the sky day dreaming about this person my mom called God and wondering where he came from, and thinking, how I could get his help to reach my dreams and desires 😕  

Even at a very young age I had some big dreams and desires, like most of us do. Sadly though, life has a way of trying to stuff the dreams and desires out of us. I refuse and have refused to give in, how about you?

Feeling uncomfortable yet?

What are you going to do about it?

Luv, ya.

See ya next post…

Uncomfortable With The Status Quo! PT. 2

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

There seems to be certain character traits that every or most entrepreneur’s have. I believe while most entrepreneur’s are born with these traits, they can also be developed.

Last post I was writing about a young man named Ephren Taylor, who started his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age, age 12. As I listened to the audio CD, “Motivating Your Consciouness,”  Ephren Taylor was asked how what got him started as entrepreneur?

In response to that question Mr. Taylor said something that I found very interesting, as I looked back over my youth.

He said most entrepreneur’s get started in one of a 2 ways, either a life circumstance happens and causes them to seek out a soultion thus they venture into the business world or they have the unique ability of making themselves “UNCOMFORTABLE.” 

He said, action begans to happen in uncomfortable situations.

Ephren related that he came from a small family but yet they were not considered a well to do family. And at the age of 12 he wanted a video game, but his family did not have the extra money to buy it. So Ephren’s mother challenged him and said, why not learn how to make his own video game, which he decided he could and would do. And, he succeeded at it.

He did his research, found some books on the subject and Ehpren went on to create his own video game. He also started selling them to his classmates fo $10 a pop. Thus began his entrepreneur journey.

Of course Mr. Taylor did not stop there, he went on to many other successful endeavours and he is now a multi millonaire at the young age of 28 or 29.

Have you had any life circumstances happen to you that has made you uncomfortable? If so, what did you do about them?

See ya in the next post…

Uncomfortable With The Status Quo! PT. 1.

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Back again with my continuing saga on my entrepreneurial journey.

Last year I came across an informercial on TV by a young entrepreneur by the name of Ephren Taylor.


Ephren was selling a course and book called “Creating Success From The Inside Out.”

Being entrepreneurial minded myself, I ordered the course and received it in about 3 weeks.

Inside the course was a DVD, an audio CD and the book, “Creating Success From The Inside Out.” The audio CD was entitled, “Motivating The Conscious.”

On the Cd were 3 successful African American male CEO’s and multimillionaries interveiwing Mr. Taylor about his success journey and how he got started.

Let me start at the beginning:

Ephren Taylor, who now is 28 or 29 years old, at 12 years of age founded his first company, became a millionaire at  sixteen and was CEO of a multimillion-dollar public corporation by the age of 23, one of the youngest CEO”s to ever run a publicly traded company.

As I listened to the audio Cd, “Motivating The Conscious”, each man gave a brief introduction about how they themselves got started on their on entrepreneurial journey’s, again all at very early ages…

They dicussed how so many people talk about wanting to do something great, yet they never “TAKE ACTION”, or as one of the men said, they never pull the trigger by getting started.

When asked how he got started and what motivated him to “pull the trigger and take action”, Ephren Taylor simply said, he was tired and UNCOMFORTABLE with the “STATUS QUO!

In my next post I am going to share with you Eprhen Taylor’s amazing story to success. Financial and business wise.

See ya next post… 


I Just Wanted To Make Some Money.

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Continuing on with my journey of entering the work force and pursuing entrepreneurial desires.

Like many, as a youth coming from a large family having your own spending money was a little hard to come by, so one had to be very creative if one wanted some cash. I already mentioned that getting an allowance from my mother was out of the question.

My broke friends and I just simply wanted to make some MONEY!

Some of my friends were like me, started working outside the home at an early age. We were all from large single parent homes, mostly lead by a women, yet we all seemed to lack money but yet our families did not go without the necessities.

Some af my friends had paper routes, some worked at the service station, and some like me cut yards. After all there were things we wanted as youth like bicycles, mini motor bikes, hell some spending money to by some candy. We even collected old pop bottles and turned them in for cash. Back then you could get around 10 cents per bottle.

Then there were our somewhat well to do friends who just, fro whatever reason, hung around their home, and received an allowance from their parents. These same kids of course were the ones who doing the summer were shipped of to summer camp also. Don’t know if that was good or bad for them?

I myself, worked doing the summer in a program that offered jobs for youth doing the summer. I remember it well, it was a program called, The Neighborhood Youth Corp.

Although I was just 13, my mother showed me how to catch the bus, which fortunately, came through my neighborhood, right in front of my home. So, I’d get on the bus 5 days a week early every morning and head off to my summer job. Funny thing I did not miss hanging out with my friends doing the day. Plus, after I got off work, I could hang with them then. However, now I’d have a little spending cash. Whew, whew.

I worked in that summer youth program for 3 summers, until in the 3rd year, while goofing off with one of the older youth on the job, I got pushed into one of those big, metal, old time radiator heater systems they used to have in old school buildings.

After that all’s I remember is I waking up in the school office in Lot’s of pain, feeling dizzy and looking down at my shoulder having a large bone protruding out from my skin. I had broken my collar bone. 

That ended my summer youth working program. 

Oh well, back to collecting pop bottles….

See ya next post.

Live Your Dreams TODAY!!!

Don’t wait on life, for life won’t wait on YOU!

Money Cometh?

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Coming from a big family, 9 of us total, my mom, my 7 sisters and I, as you can imagine, money was not easy to come by.

Back then I don’t think any or many of my friends were getting, nor even knew what the hell, an allowance was.

Oh I had one or two friends whose parents were a little well to do, so maybe they got an allowance, but the rest of us…

I cut yards from age 9 to around age 13 and then I heard of a summer program that hired and paid youth to work doing the summer months, problem was, you had to be 14 years old or older.

I was just 13 years old, so I did the only thing I could think to do, at that age, to resolve the problem, I LIED. 

Yep I lied and said I was 14 years old. Heck, I thought, what’s the worse thing that could happen? Either I’d get the job or I wouldn’t.

If I got the job great cause then I’d make a little more money that summer. But, if I didn’t get the job, I’d just go back to cutting yards and make a little less money for that summer.

So, this then 13 year old, suddenly grew up to the ripe old age of 14 and thus began my entrance into what up until now, has been a very long, but extremely blessed, working career. 

It wasn’t long after entering the work force though that that entrepreneur bug hit me again, and I became restless in the ordinary working world.

So as they say, the plot thickens…

See ya next post.

DNA of the Young Entrepreneur.

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

After writing my last post, Entrepreneur DNA, Do You Have it, I went googling  😉 in search of an image to use that might match up good with my post. 

Imagine my surprise  😯 when I came across an image and book that pretty much had the same title as my last post did! Wow!!! Way Kool! 🙂  😎

The book is called DNA Of The Young Entrepreneur, (A Way to Wealth for Young Entrepreneurs.) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

After I did a little research I purchased the book myself and have started reading it. I can tell already it is going to be a great read. 

To check out the book, DNA Of  The Young Entrepreneur and some other great reading  (click on the image below:)

DNA of young enterpreneur

Enjoy and happy reading.

See ya next post.


Entrepreneur DNA, Do You Have it?

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

In 2009 I started a blog on blogger and in the month of July I wrote a post called How to know if you have entrepreneur DNA? You can view it by clicking here 

I am re-writing a similar post today. 

Do you have the propensity towards being an entrepreneur? There are early signs in your life to let you know if you do have an Entrepreneur’s DNA.

When you were a child did you just hang around your neighborhood bored, looking and waiting for something to do and/or waiting for someone else to make something happen. Or were you the type of child who did things on your own and made things happen, always “discovering” and “uncovering” new and exciting adventures?

When you needed or wanted some cash, did you wait around hoping your parents would give you some spending money or an allowance, or were you the type that went out and create ways to make some money, like a lemonade stand, walking someone’s dog, baby sit for your neighbors, or maybe like me, you cut yards in your neighborhood?

And the point is, you ask? Well, most would be entrepreneurs don’t just suddenly become entrepreneur’sthey usually have been doing enrepreneurial activites pretty much of their life.

I remember being on a training call with a multi-millionaire business associate and mentor and he said, whenever he interviews a potential business partner, he always ask them some very simple and pointed questions, like what did you do to earn money when you were a child? When did you get your first job?

He said if they answer that they had something like a paper routecut grass, baby sat or took any kind of intuative on their own, he knew he had someone he could probably build a business with.

On the other hand if they answered that they layed around the house, got an allowance from their parents and never worked until they moved out of their parents home, he usually would not work with them.

He said they might be some really great people, but you’re probably not going to build a business with them.  

What did you do when you were growing?  It could be a tale, tale sign of your future entrepreneurial capabilities.

See ya next post.





Young Entreprenuerial Ambitions? Part 2.

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

As far back as I can remember, in my youth, I don’t recall having any examples of any entrepreneur’s in my life, necessarily.

However, now that I think about it, there was one friend of mine whose father ran a trash truck. He’d pick and haul all the neighborhood trash to the city dump. And there also was a lady who lived behind my home, that ran a hair salon and candy store, so I guess they would qualify as entrepreneur’s.

Most everyone else I knew of and saw worked on one or two jobs, including my mother.

As you can imagine, coming from a large family, there just was not very much extra money left for us kids to spend on things we wanted, an allowance.

I often joke that if we had asked my mom for an allowance, after knocking the crap out of us, she would had replied, allowance my ass. I’m allowing you to live in my house, eat my food, sleep in my beds, etc…

So, that allowance thing would not have played well in my home. And, I really was grateful to live in my mother’s house, eat her food and sleep in her beds😆 .

As with most kids my age back then, I had my list of toys and things that I wanted. Like a mini motor bike, a basketball and basketball goal, hell just some spending money I could call my own. 

Back then I knew the only way for me to get money legally was to go out and create a way to get it.

So at 8/9 years old I would take my mothers lawn mower, around the neighborhood and find yards I could cut. I’d make around $3 to $5 per yard.

Wow, even with all those sisters in the house, not only did I still have to wash those freaking dishes, but I was also responsible for cutting our yard too 😥 . But hey, I was just glad to be living in my mother’s house, eating her food and sleeping in her bed, ya mean?

And I was very fortunate in that there were 2 neighbors, a man, Mr. Williams and my mothers friend, Miss Lowese.

He and she both took a liking to me and hired me out for the summer and let me cut their yards, with their mowers and using their gas, each summer for many years.

They each paid me $8 to $13 to cut their yards, way above the going rate at the time. I think they saw something in me worth investing  and I am so glad that they did. Thank you Miss Lowese and Mr. Williams.

As a youth, what was your dream and who helped you get started on your entrepreneurial journey?

See ya next post.



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