Are Taking Full Advantage Of Your Freedoms?

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

A few days ago we celebrated Veterans Day, honoring our brave Men and Women who serve in our armed forces. These people risk and put their lives on the line, time away from their loved ones, to protect our freedoms.

Are you taking full advantage of the freedoms that you get to enjoy?

We in America are so blessed and fortunate. We can pursue any dream and vision that we can conceive of.

I can understand why so many foreignors risk life and limb trying to come to America, just for the chance of, probably for the first time, freedom. Freedom to pursue life as they’d like to live it.

The other evening I was talking with my sister and she was relating to me how she felt trapped in her job. She said she can’t even take off because they do not have anyone who can back her up if she does take a day off, and if she does take off, she usually ends up having to work at home. I tried to encourage her to pursue looking at ways to generate income from home. She though, like many, said she is afraid of the unknown, risk.

I understand how she feels. I am guilty too. That is no way to live, but so many people are living like that. So many live a life of regret’s.

Don’t live a life of I shoulda, coulda and woulda 

If you are not taking full advantage of your freedoms, I encourage you to just go for it. What have you got to lose?

I’m not saying to take uncalculated and unnecessary risk, but with the Internet it is not that hard to research an opportunity for it’s validity.

I heard someone say, “do what is hard while things are easy, so that when things get hard, you can do what is easy.”

In other words while the blood is running through your veins. While you are fortunate enough to have a job. While you are blessed to live in America, take advantage of your freedoms.

Get yourself a plan B, C and D, for your financial peace of mind and to live the life you truly desire.

The world is yours and mine for the taking.

See Ya next post…

Thank YOU!!!

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Today we say thank you as we honor our brave men and women who so unselfishly give of themselves, risking their life and limbs, as well as time away from their families and loved ones, for our many freedoms.

It is because of these brave people that we Americans can pursue our entrepreneurial and life endeavours, and the freedoms” we get to enjoy.

We owe are soldiers a debt of gratitude.

I pray for our men and women soldiers, and their families, everyday.

Happy Veterans Day.



See ya next post…

Recession, are you in or out?

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

The government and economic experts say that are nation is in a recession and it is truly hitting people really hard.

Please watch the below video and ask yourself this question. The recession, am I in or out?


The world as we once knew it is no more.

What are people going to do once there unemployment benefits run out after 99 weeks? I don’t mean to be callous, but…

You don’t have to participate in the recession.

There are still things you can do today that can better yours and your families financial life, thanks to the Internet. 

Are you open to looking at other ways to generate additional income streams?

I’m not suggesting that it will be easy, but neither is living on less income than you used to make or no income at all.

We entrepreneur’s will be the ones who turn around the economy…

If not but for our selves and our families. Although our nation is in a recession, I encourage you to not take it sitting down and being a spectator.

In future post I will be sharing a few ideas of how you can potentially better your life and finances.

Again I ask, recession, you in or out? 

God bless and see ya next post…

Are You Failing Forward?

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Have you ever heard the term, fail forward or failing forward, meaning to view every life event you experience as feedback rather than as a win or loss.

Many people however, look at failures as losses instead of opportunities or learning experiences.

It doesn’t really matter what you are attempting to accomplish, weight loss, an entrepreneurial endeavour, school, dating. 

If  at first you don’t succeed. Try & try again. Learn from what you can from the experience  and move on. Don’t wallow in self pity.

Being a an avid reader of personal development, I have heard the life stories of people, like Abe Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and many others. One thing most of these people had in common was the ability to never give up, even after multiple failures. Click Here

It is said that Benjamin Franklin tried and failed thousands of times while trying to discover the proper element to use in the incandescent light bulb.

Abe Lincoln failed numerous times in his polictical journey, before finally being elected President of the United States Of America.

Although our nation, and the world, are presently experiencing some trying times in our economies, there still is an abundance of opportunity all around us.

The loss of a job is not a time to throw in the towel and give up.  Maybe that would be a great time to try something different.Maybe that would be a great time to try something you’ve always deep down inside you, wanted to do. You know, that thing only you can do?

Don’t get me wrong, and I know when you have employment it’s very easy to say, don’t give up. But I believe deep inside of all of us is an itch wanting us to do and experience more in our life, and sometimes a seeming failure or setback is just the kick in the butt we need to “GO FOR IT!”

All I am trying to do is to encourage others to look within themselves. You’d be surprised at what talents lye within each and everyone of us.

Many times after we have tried some endeavour and it did not go quite as good as we expected, we look at it as a failure, when instead, maybe, we could have looked at it as a learning experience.

I have failed, spent and loss so much money, so many times it hurts to even think about it, but, I refuse to give up on my dreams of success.

I try to look at my many failures as learning experiences, things that didn’t work and things I should not do to get a desired result.

So I encourage you, next time you try something and it does not quite work out as you expected or hoped, learn from it.

Chunk it up to the ole book of life’s experience.

Heck  maybe you could write a book and help to save some other poor soul from making the same mistakes.

So, failing isn’t necessarily all bad. Just fail forward til you reach your desired result, then teach others from want you learned from it.

See ya next post…

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Today I want to share a video with you to make a point, actually 2 points.

1.  Never give up in your pursuit towards success in any endeavour. Persistence always eventually pays off.

2.  Persistence does not always mean taking the hard route and beating yourself senseless. Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of those who have gone before you,  so that you won’t have to suffer through the same headaches and pains as much yourself.  😉

However, if your are going to insist on learning the hard way and taking the hard route , (breaking a freaking board over your head,) at least try wearing a helmet 😆 

See ya next post…

How Much Time Do You Spend Commuting?

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

This morning as I watched my local news, they did a report on time spent commuting in some major Cities.  My city, Kansas city, came in 9th place out of 51 cities.

The report stated that Kansas City commuters spend 229 hours or 9 1/2 days per year, driving or sitting in taffic.

The point I want to make is we humans spend a lot of our lives on the road and sitting in traffic.

That is one of the main reason’s I began to pursue entrepreneurial opportunites, I was seeking time freedom.

Can you imagine sitting in traffice for 9 1/2 days?

No wonder people are stressed out.

I have an idea though, since many of us spend so much time commuting, why not turn that time into productive time.

That is a good time to listen to personal development, life enhancing audio Cd’s or mp3’s.

That’s what I do. Sometimes admittedly though I listen to sports talk radio.

Now days you can get audible books that you can listen to.

There is no better time to become more personally productive in your learning and taking your skill sets to a whole other level, than whiles driving or sitting in traffic.

Just my opinion, of course.

Just in case you’d like to see if and where your city ranked see here

See ya next post…

Be Strong And Of A Good Courage!

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

The above title was taken from Joshua chapter 1 verse 6 in the bible. In that chapter, Moses, who God used to bring the children of Israel out of the bondage of Egypt, had died, so Israel needed another leader, and that lot fell to brother Joshua.

In the 1st chapter of the book of Joshua is God preparing and insuring Joshua that he, God, was, and would be with Joshua and the children of Israel going forward in their journey to the promised land. In the end God accomplished many great feats with Joshua, and they did reach the promised land.

Still today I hear people singing the song,” Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho”.   

I relate this story because many people in today’s economy are losing the security of their JOB’s and they do not know what they are going to do to survive. Many had these jobs for years and that is all they knew how to do.

Like me many are in their 50’s or later, we are BABY BOOMERS.

Like the children of Israel, who found their security back with Pharaoh and the land of Egypt, people today are seemingly lost without the security of their job’s.

I just want to encourage those of you who might be in similar situtations to, “BE STRONG AND OF A GOOD COURAGE.”

Thank God it is never to late to learn a new skill set. It might not be easy, but I don’t know of anything worthwhile that is.

If you have a computer you are just one key stroke away from finding some exciting venture that could lead you in a whole new path towards financial independence.

In future post I will be sharing some of the ventures that I have discovered.

See ya next post….

Can’t Find A Job? HIRE YOURSELF!

Recently there was a job fair in my city. As I lay in bed watching this activity on the morning news, the reporters were interviewing some of the people who were at the job fair. Now there had to be well over 3000 people there looking for work or maybe they were hoping to find a different carreer.

Some people were really dressed up in nice suits, and the ladies had on fancy skirt outfits or pant suits. Other’s were just dressed somewhat casual, heck I saw a few in blue jeans.

As the news reporters interviewed some of the job seekers, many said they were there because they had been laid off, or the company they were with, went out of business, and a variety of other reasons of why they were there job hunting. I imagine there were maybe 50 companies represented at the fair.

Wow 50 companies, if that, and over 3000 people looking to work at any one of these companies.

Now, as I lay there in bed, I could not help but wonder, how many of those individuals at that job fair, ever even considered, “working for themselves”? I can only imagine how much talent was in that room that day.

Many of those people probably have the answer that could solve a lot of probelms for others, and if they tapped into there abilities, they would not have to be at a job fair looking for work, they could possibly be working from home, via the computer and internet.

I once heard a quote from a radio personality, that went like this. “do what is easy while things are hard,” so when things get hard, “you can do what is easy.”

What he was saying is, don’t wait until you lose your income source/job to try something new. While you have employment or a source of income that is the time to pay off debt, go back to school, look for ways to increase your worth in the marketplace, or better yet, to start you own internet marketing business. Heck it’s not that expensive in most cases.

As success motivator Tony Robbins say’s, “success leaves clues.”

Find someone who is successful in what you would like to do, and follow in their foot steps, or better yet, have them mentor you.

So if you can’t find a JOB, hire yourself.

See ya next post.


Hello fellow entrepreneur,

I don’t know about you, but I am getting so fed up with all the gloom and doom rhetoric we hear everday on the news stations.

Yes, we are in a recession, decession, depression, and any other Ession you can name.

Many of these media as well as the politicians, would have you believe we are all going to hell in a hand basket, with no help in site, oh yeah, except the from the government, no matter which side of the isle you’re on. They have all the answers right?    😈  

My gracious, if it weren’t for the fact that I want to check the traffic and weather reports before heading out, (and damn if they ain’t all bad too), calcon take me away, PLEASE. If not for wanting to get a heads up on traffic and weather, I’d probably not even watch the freakin news.

Hell even the christian news stations, some anyway, are reporting depressing news on a daily basis. Whatever happened to HOPE?

Now, like I said, I realize that our country, hell the world, is going through some trying times, but, we have been through rough times before and we managed to find away to bounce back. Remember 9/11.

We are Americans, dammit, we can do almost anything. We still are one of the, if not the richest, nation in the world.

I loves me some America, yes even with all it’s faults.

We have so many opportunities in America!

It saddens me seeing so many people hurting in their lives, knowing that they have, right at their fingertips, a computer and keyboard, that with just a little effort and researching, they could possibly find a new way to earn a living, create a fantastic lifestyle and help others too…

I am not saying it is all easy, but hey, neither is fighting traffic twice daily, nutty bosses, frustrated co-workers, as well as companies going out of business at the drop of a hat, actually even faster than that.

So my fellow entrepreneur’s, what do ya say? Let’s help our fellow Americans AND the world, to see the light.


How do you see it? :mrgreen: 

See ya next post…



What Job? What 401K?

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

I am a student of learning of ways to create additional income streams and sources, thus I get a lot of email solicitations on making money. Admittedly most of it is pure hogwash, but that doesn’t mean that I throw the baby out with the bath water. No I try to do my due diligence and research some opportunities I deem worth while.

I am also a student of  Mike Dillard, or I have purchased some of his courses, magnetic sponsoring, copy writers guild and a few others.

Mike Dillard is the founder of what is known around the Internet marketing for profit arena as the, father of attraction marketing.  Mike is Stepping down and moving on to a new calling. I am personally glad that Mike is taking on this new challenge and venture. I believe he can and will be able to help a lot of people. You can get more info here: Mike Dillard stepping down , and for their FB page click here>>> The Elevation Group Facebook Fan page

Mike shared this 60 minutes video on the site to let people know why he is stepping down from MS and taking on this new endeavour. If this video doesn’t cause you to tear up, you’re probably dead, 🙁 it really saddens me.

We need to wake up and learn how to take control of our own financial livelihood. Corporate America and the government sure ain’t.

See ya next post…

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