Hello Fellow entrepreneur,

Back at it, telling my story on this journey along the road of cyber dating and learning how to make money on the Internet.  Okay already, so I’m still just trying to figure it all out, alright?

The dating? No the Internet!

Here it is 2003 and I’d adjusted to being single again. I had purchased and moved into another home, and I had finally got a decent computer and Internet access. 

So now a brother moves into his next phase of the being single life. And what’s that you ask? Dating of course. Online dating to be more specific.

Yep Eharmony became my new match maker. I was just to busy working to try and meet anyone on my own.

Anyway, ever the fact that my matches were hundreds of miles away from my City. However I did get to meet some real sweethearts, though not in person.

Now, just about the time I started to get a handle on this Internet and online dating thing, my computer starts acting like it had molasses in it. It started running really, I mean really, slow. I know my ISP was slow, but this thing, my computer, did not want to even boot up half the time.

Being a non-geek, I didn’t know what the hell was going on. So I told a co-worker what was happening and he recommended a geek friend of his, who looked at my PC and said, it had been infected with numerous viruses and worms.

I thought, wow, computers can get them too. After all, my neighborhood was just full of them there worms. People were always catching some to use for fishing, so it could be possible some had found their way into my computer.

Come-on dude, I thought, a worm. I clean my house, and I know I don’t have any worms around my house. Snakes and rabbits on the other hand is a different story.

If he’d said my computer had snakes or rabbits, I’d be a little more understanding. Anyhu…

Yep my poor little re-furbished computer had a virus and worms, and now it was on it’s last re-furbished leg.

The geek guy tried to fix it, but all’s I ended up with was another computer that was only good for, yep, you guessed it, the freakin “WORD PROCESSOR” 😥 .

Oh well back to typing I guess.

See ya next post.

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