Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Continuing on with my journey of entering the work force and pursuing entrepreneurial desires.

Like many, as a youth coming from a large family having your own spending money was a little hard to come by, so one had to be very creative if one wanted some cash. I already mentioned that getting an allowance from my mother was out of the question.

My broke friends and I just simply wanted to make some MONEY!

Some of my friends were like me, started working outside the home at an early age. We were all from large single parent homes, mostly lead by a women, yet we all seemed to lack money but yet our families did not go without the necessities.

Some af my friends had paper routes, some worked at the service station, and some like me cut yards. After all there were things we wanted as youth like bicycles, mini motor bikes, hell some spending money to by some candy. We even collected old pop bottles and turned them in for cash. Back then you could get around 10 cents per bottle.

Then there were our somewhat well to do friends who just, fro whatever reason, hung around their home, and received an allowance from their parents. These same kids of course were the ones who doing the summer were shipped of to summer camp also. Don’t know if that was good or bad for them?

I myself, worked doing the summer in a program that offered jobs for youth doing the summer. I remember it well, it was a program called, The Neighborhood Youth Corp.

Although I was just 13, my mother showed me how to catch the bus, which fortunately, came through my neighborhood, right in front of my home. So, I’d get on the bus 5 days a week early every morning and head off to my summer job. Funny thing I did not miss hanging out with my friends doing the day. Plus, after I got off work, I could hang with them then. However, now I’d have a little spending cash. Whew, whew.

I worked in that summer youth program for 3 summers, until in the 3rd year, while goofing off with one of the older youth on the job, I got pushed into one of those big, metal, old time radiator heater systems they used to have in old school buildings.

After that all’s I remember is I waking up in the school office in Lot’s of pain, feeling dizzy and looking down at my shoulder having a large bone protruding out from my skin. I had broken my collar bone. 

That ended my summer youth working program. 

Oh well, back to collecting pop bottles….

See ya next post.

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