Hello fellow entreprenuer,

I first became interested in internet marketing in late 2005 after I came across an ad in USA Today while scanning the business opportunites section.

Although I hated selling, the ad I responded to was in the sales section of the paper. Also, the ad was very well written and claimed you could make $100,000 per year from home, without doing any selling. It got my attention.

There also was an 1-800# phone number in the ad that you could call to hear a 24 hour recorded message to get more information. I thought, great I can call and not have to talk with nor worry about anybody trying to sucker me into buying anything.

So, I called the 800# and listened to the recorded message which claimed that people were making hundreds of thousands of dollars working full and part time from home, without having to personally sell anything to anybody.  Needless to say, I was very intrigued.

Also in the message, people were giving their testimony of how they were making lot’s of money using a marketing system and marketing tools, which did all the selling and promoting of their business for them.  Now I was even more intrigued and was ready to buy with credit card in hand.

At the end of the message I left my name and phone number as the recording instructed me, and was told someone would call me back within 24 hours with a website where I could go to get more details on this wonderful opportunity.

I’ll continue the story in my next post.

Till next time be blessed friend.

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