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In 2009 I started a blog on blogger and in the month of July I wrote a post called How to know if you have entrepreneur DNA? You can view it by clicking here 

I am re-writing a similar post today. 

Do you have the propensity towards being an entrepreneur? There are early signs in your life to let you know if you do have an Entrepreneur’s DNA.

When you were a child did you just hang around your neighborhood bored, looking and waiting for something to do and/or waiting for someone else to make something happen. Or were you the type of child who did things on your own and made things happen, always “discovering” and “uncovering” new and exciting adventures?

When you needed or wanted some cash, did you wait around hoping your parents would give you some spending money or an allowance, or were you the type that went out and create ways to make some money, like a lemonade stand, walking someone’s dog, baby sit for your neighbors, or maybe like me, you cut yards in your neighborhood?

And the point is, you ask? Well, most would be entrepreneurs don’t just suddenly become entrepreneur’sthey usually have been doing enrepreneurial activites pretty much of their life.

I remember being on a training call with a multi-millionaire business associate and mentor and he said, whenever he interviews a potential business partner, he always ask them some very simple and pointed questions, like what did you do to earn money when you were a child? When did you get your first job?

He said if they answer that they had something like a paper routecut grass, baby sat or took any kind of intuative on their own, he knew he had someone he could probably build a business with.

On the other hand if they answered that they layed around the house, got an allowance from their parents and never worked until they moved out of their parents home, he usually would not work with them.

He said they might be some really great people, but you’re probably not going to build a business with them.  

What did you do when you were growing?  It could be a tale, tale sign of your future entrepreneurial capabilities.

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