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“What Drives Entrepreneurs?”

“What Drives Entrepreneurs?”

Today I recieved an interesting email from Paul Evans of Nicheology, he was sharing an article written by Inc. Magazine:

I thought I might pass it along to get your take on the subject.

Let me prefix this saying, I left out the beginning of Paul’s email, because he sent it to those on his list, but in essence he was relating how being an entrepreneur allowed him the benefit of spending quality time off with friends and family doing spring break. And how that privilege aligned so well with the article INC magazine wrote.

Paul: INC Magazines article “What Drives Entrepreneurs” revealed different motivations between founders and non-entrepreneurs.

The main motivation for entrepreneurs? Autonomy.

The main motivation for non-entrepreneurs? Security.

Entrepreneurs like to call the shots. We like control. We are fine with calculated risks. We think more about the experiment and experience than “having” to succeed. We love knowing the difference and impact we are making.

Non-entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are employees. They like being told what to do. They like the predictable paycheck. On average they want something more, but are too afraid to leave the comfort.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. The world NEEDS employees. They are essential.

Yes, as entrepreneurs we are different. We’re wired differently. We view the world differently. We don’t expect something for nothing. We take responsibility for our own income. We create jobs. We generate products. We work hard. We play hard.

One of the things that drives me crazy about the information publishing industry is the pursuit of mediocrity.

By that I mean the glorification of the status quo.

For example… the way I started this letter.  Telling you about my past week. The hucksters of the world would paint that scene and tell you that you DESERVE the same. In fact, if you just follow their program you can have the same things.

That’s stupid.

You see the hucksters want to elevate their lives so that you want what they have. But wanting exactly what someone else has is status quo. To want to be someone else is accepting the average. Become the best YOU, don’t be a chameleon.

You have to envision your own perfect life. Just like I did almost 20 years ago.

As you know, Sherri died when Sam was 5 weeks old. Right then I made a vow. I would be present for my family.

I made that decision based on MY circumstances. I didn’t let someone else tell me what my life needed to be… I decided.

You need to decide too.

You need to write down exactly the type of life you want. How your life will benefit those around you.

You need to decide if you are going to be an entrepreneur, embrace the risk or be an employee. Neither answer is wrong, but the decision has to be made.

Then you design your business to reflect the life you’ve pictured.

Success is NOT an Accident,

Well said Paul.

What say YOU?

Why do you aspire to be an entrepreneur?

You can take the quiz here. http://www.inc.com/magazine/201203/moti … atrix.html

I Don’t Need A Job? Pt. 2

Have you ever heard the saying, I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go…

I started working at the age of 9 years old, cutting grass in my neighborhood. I then went on to work in a summer youth program for a few years, then I went full time working in various occupations.

Recently it dawned on me, I have been working for over 30 years and I am now 53 years old. So, I have been working half my adult life, wow how time flies. 

Most everyone I knew of as a youth worked at a job, so I naturally followed what I saw others do. Until…

One day at the age of 19 or 20 I was asked by a carpenter working on my neighbors home if I ever thought about being my on boss? Up until then I had never thought much about it. He then went on to invite me to a meeting that, as he said, would show me how to be my own boss.

I went to the meeting, which was a breakfast style meeting, with his wife. It turned out to be an Amway meeting.

Now I although I did not join, mainly because no one ever followed up with me on how I could get started, but I left that meeting with a different mindset. Before the meeting I’d never considered working for myself, heck I was still young, so a job was cool with me. But I believe something happened to me with regards to my mindset after I left that meeting. I now had been shown that if I desired, I could be my own boss and work for myself. Thus began my entrepreneurial journey. 

How long have you been working at your job or jobs? Have you ever considered being your on boss and working for yourself?

Sad to say, but as I look back over my working career, like many people, I have little to show for it.

As I lay in bed this morning listening to a CD by a entrepreneur/minister Gary Keesee of  www.GaryKeesee.com he was teaching on looking for ways to work for yourself and to be your own boss.

I decided I am going to go for it. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

As this year, 2010 draws to a close, I am even more determined to make a break from the working class and pursue and to succeed at being my own boss, working from home.

I don’t need a job, I am way to valuable to be tied down to a 9-5 for 40 plus years only to come to the end of my working career having nothing to show for it.

How about you? Wanna join me?

See ya next post….

I Don’t Need A Job? Pt. 1

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

I first made this post back in November 2010, but I find the message  in this video is still very relevant for today, what with so many people having lost or who will be losing their employment.

Could your job be killing you softly and stealing your dreams?

My hope is, after watching this video, you might take another view on your job and consider other options that, with a little research, may be available to you to earn income for you and your family.

Get those brain juices of yours flowing of on how you could find ways to live your dreams outside a job or (Just Over Burdened).

You deserve better.

See ya next post…

Recession, are you in or out?

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

The government and economic experts say that are nation is in a recession and it is truly hitting people really hard.

Please watch the below video and ask yourself this question. The recession, am I in or out?


The world as we once knew it is no more.

What are people going to do once there unemployment benefits run out after 99 weeks? I don’t mean to be callous, but…

You don’t have to participate in the recession.

There are still things you can do today that can better yours and your families financial life, thanks to the Internet. 

Are you open to looking at other ways to generate additional income streams?

I’m not suggesting that it will be easy, but neither is living on less income than you used to make or no income at all.

We entrepreneur’s will be the ones who turn around the economy…

If not but for our selves and our families. Although our nation is in a recession, I encourage you to not take it sitting down and being a spectator.

In future post I will be sharing a few ideas of how you can potentially better your life and finances.

Again I ask, recession, you in or out? 

God bless and see ya next post…

Are You Failing Forward?

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Have you ever heard the term, fail forward or failing forward, meaning to view every life event you experience as feedback rather than as a win or loss.

Many people however, look at failures as losses instead of opportunities or learning experiences.

It doesn’t really matter what you are attempting to accomplish, weight loss, an entrepreneurial endeavour, school, dating. 

If  at first you don’t succeed. Try & try again. Learn from what you can from the experience  and move on. Don’t wallow in self pity.

Being a an avid reader of personal development, I have heard the life stories of people, like Abe Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and many others. One thing most of these people had in common was the ability to never give up, even after multiple failures. Click Here

It is said that Benjamin Franklin tried and failed thousands of times while trying to discover the proper element to use in the incandescent light bulb.

Abe Lincoln failed numerous times in his polictical journey, before finally being elected President of the United States Of America.

Although our nation, and the world, are presently experiencing some trying times in our economies, there still is an abundance of opportunity all around us.

The loss of a job is not a time to throw in the towel and give up.  Maybe that would be a great time to try something different.Maybe that would be a great time to try something you’ve always deep down inside you, wanted to do. You know, that thing only you can do?

Don’t get me wrong, and I know when you have employment it’s very easy to say, don’t give up. But I believe deep inside of all of us is an itch wanting us to do and experience more in our life, and sometimes a seeming failure or setback is just the kick in the butt we need to “GO FOR IT!”

All I am trying to do is to encourage others to look within themselves. You’d be surprised at what talents lye within each and everyone of us.

Many times after we have tried some endeavour and it did not go quite as good as we expected, we look at it as a failure, when instead, maybe, we could have looked at it as a learning experience.

I have failed, spent and loss so much money, so many times it hurts to even think about it, but, I refuse to give up on my dreams of success.

I try to look at my many failures as learning experiences, things that didn’t work and things I should not do to get a desired result.

So I encourage you, next time you try something and it does not quite work out as you expected or hoped, learn from it.

Chunk it up to the ole book of life’s experience.

Heck  maybe you could write a book and help to save some other poor soul from making the same mistakes.

So, failing isn’t necessarily all bad. Just fail forward til you reach your desired result, then teach others from want you learned from it.

See ya next post…

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Today I want to share a video with you to make a point, actually 2 points.

1.  Never give up in your pursuit towards success in any endeavour. Persistence always eventually pays off.

2.  Persistence does not always mean taking the hard route and beating yourself senseless. Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of those who have gone before you,  so that you won’t have to suffer through the same headaches and pains as much yourself.  😉

However, if your are going to insist on learning the hard way and taking the hard route , (breaking a freaking board over your head,) at least try wearing a helmet 😆 

See ya next post…


Hello fellow entrepreneur,

I don’t know about you, but I am getting so fed up with all the gloom and doom rhetoric we hear everday on the news stations.

Yes, we are in a recession, decession, depression, and any other Ession you can name.

Many of these media as well as the politicians, would have you believe we are all going to hell in a hand basket, with no help in site, oh yeah, except the from the government, no matter which side of the isle you’re on. They have all the answers right?    😈  

My gracious, if it weren’t for the fact that I want to check the traffic and weather reports before heading out, (and damn if they ain’t all bad too), calcon take me away, PLEASE. If not for wanting to get a heads up on traffic and weather, I’d probably not even watch the freakin news.

Hell even the christian news stations, some anyway, are reporting depressing news on a daily basis. Whatever happened to HOPE?

Now, like I said, I realize that our country, hell the world, is going through some trying times, but, we have been through rough times before and we managed to find away to bounce back. Remember 9/11.

We are Americans, dammit, we can do almost anything. We still are one of the, if not the richest, nation in the world.

I loves me some America, yes even with all it’s faults.

We have so many opportunities in America!

It saddens me seeing so many people hurting in their lives, knowing that they have, right at their fingertips, a computer and keyboard, that with just a little effort and researching, they could possibly find a new way to earn a living, create a fantastic lifestyle and help others too…

I am not saying it is all easy, but hey, neither is fighting traffic twice daily, nutty bosses, frustrated co-workers, as well as companies going out of business at the drop of a hat, actually even faster than that.

So my fellow entrepreneur’s, what do ya say? Let’s help our fellow Americans AND the world, to see the light.


How do you see it? :mrgreen: 

See ya next post…



Uncomfortable With The Status Quo! Pt. 3

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Last post we found out that sometimes life circumstances and uncomfortable situtations can bring out the best in us, the entrpreneur in us, that we might not have otherwise tapped into.

I know for me as a youth and a couple of my partners in crime 🙂 , we wanted to have our own spending money and unlike our other friends we went out and found ways to earn some money. We cut yards, ran paper routes and some worked at the local gas station pumping gas. And we were just 9 to 12 years of age at that time.

As we grew older we than began to work in summer youth programs that hired youth doing the summer months to try to give them something to do, as well as make some spending cash for the summer.

I can remember laying down in my driveway looking up at the sky day dreaming about this person my mom called God and wondering where he came from, and thinking, how I could get his help to reach my dreams and desires 😕  

Even at a very young age I had some big dreams and desires, like most of us do. Sadly though, life has a way of trying to stuff the dreams and desires out of us. I refuse and have refused to give in, how about you?

Feeling uncomfortable yet?

What are you going to do about it?

Luv, ya.

See ya next post…

Uncomfortable With The Status Quo! PT. 2

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

There seems to be certain character traits that every or most entrepreneur’s have. I believe while most entrepreneur’s are born with these traits, they can also be developed.

Last post I was writing about a young man named Ephren Taylor, who started his entrepreneurial journey at a very young age, age 12. As I listened to the audio CD, “Motivating Your Consciouness,”  Ephren Taylor was asked how what got him started as entrepreneur?

In response to that question Mr. Taylor said something that I found very interesting, as I looked back over my youth.

He said most entrepreneur’s get started in one of a 2 ways, either a life circumstance happens and causes them to seek out a soultion thus they venture into the business world or they have the unique ability of making themselves “UNCOMFORTABLE.” 

He said, action begans to happen in uncomfortable situations.

Ephren related that he came from a small family but yet they were not considered a well to do family. And at the age of 12 he wanted a video game, but his family did not have the extra money to buy it. So Ephren’s mother challenged him and said, why not learn how to make his own video game, which he decided he could and would do. And, he succeeded at it.

He did his research, found some books on the subject and Ehpren went on to create his own video game. He also started selling them to his classmates fo $10 a pop. Thus began his entrepreneur journey.

Of course Mr. Taylor did not stop there, he went on to many other successful endeavours and he is now a multi millonaire at the young age of 28 or 29.

Have you had any life circumstances happen to you that has made you uncomfortable? If so, what did you do about them?

See ya in the next post…

Uncomfortable With The Status Quo! PT. 1.

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Back again with my continuing saga on my entrepreneurial journey.

Last year I came across an informercial on TV by a young entrepreneur by the name of Ephren Taylor.


Ephren was selling a course and book called “Creating Success From The Inside Out.”

Being entrepreneurial minded myself, I ordered the course and received it in about 3 weeks.

Inside the course was a DVD, an audio CD and the book, “Creating Success From The Inside Out.” The audio CD was entitled, “Motivating The Conscious.”

On the Cd were 3 successful African American male CEO’s and multimillionaries interveiwing Mr. Taylor about his success journey and how he got started.

Let me start at the beginning:

Ephren Taylor, who now is 28 or 29 years old, at 12 years of age founded his first company, became a millionaire at  sixteen and was CEO of a multimillion-dollar public corporation by the age of 23, one of the youngest CEO”s to ever run a publicly traded company.

As I listened to the audio Cd, “Motivating The Conscious”, each man gave a brief introduction about how they themselves got started on their on entrepreneurial journey’s, again all at very early ages…

They dicussed how so many people talk about wanting to do something great, yet they never “TAKE ACTION”, or as one of the men said, they never pull the trigger by getting started.

When asked how he got started and what motivated him to “pull the trigger and take action”, Ephren Taylor simply said, he was tired and UNCOMFORTABLE with the “STATUS QUO!

In my next post I am going to share with you Eprhen Taylor’s amazing story to success. Financial and business wise.

See ya next post… 


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