Recently there was a job fair in my city. As I lay in bed watching this activity on the morning news, the reporters were interviewing some of the people who were at the job fair. Now there had to be well over 3000 people there looking for work or maybe they were hoping to find a different carreer.

Some people were really dressed up in nice suits, and the ladies had on fancy skirt outfits or pant suits. Other’s were just dressed somewhat casual, heck I saw a few in blue jeans.

As the news reporters interviewed some of the job seekers, many said they were there because they had been laid off, or the company they were with, went out of business, and a variety of other reasons of why they were there job hunting. I imagine there were maybe 50 companies represented at the fair.

Wow 50 companies, if that, and over 3000 people looking to work at any one of these companies.

Now, as I lay there in bed, I could not help but wonder, how many of those individuals at that job fair, ever even considered, “working for themselves”? I can only imagine how much talent was in that room that day.

Many of those people probably have the answer that could solve a lot of probelms for others, and if they tapped into there abilities, they would not have to be at a job fair looking for work, they could possibly be working from home, via the computer and internet.

I once heard a quote from a radio personality, that went like this. “do what is easy while things are hard,” so when things get hard, “you can do what is easy.”

What he was saying is, don’t wait until you lose your income source/job to try something new. While you have employment or a source of income that is the time to pay off debt, go back to school, look for ways to increase your worth in the marketplace, or better yet, to start you own internet marketing business. Heck it’s not that expensive in most cases.

As success motivator Tony Robbins say’s, “success leaves clues.”

Find someone who is successful in what you would like to do, and follow in their foot steps, or better yet, have them mentor you.

So if you can’t find a JOB, hire yourself.

See ya next post.

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