Hello fellow entrepreneur,

A few days ago we celebrated Veterans Day, honoring our brave Men and Women who serve in our armed forces. These people risk and put their lives on the line, time away from their loved ones, to protect our freedoms.

Are you taking full advantage of the freedoms that you get to enjoy?

We in America are so blessed and fortunate. We can pursue any dream and vision that we can conceive of.

I can understand why so many foreignors risk life and limb trying to come to America, just for the chance of, probably for the first time, freedom. Freedom to pursue life as they’d like to live it.

The other evening I was talking with my sister and she was relating to me how she felt trapped in her job. She said she can’t even take off because they do not have anyone who can back her up if she does take a day off, and if she does take off, she usually ends up having to work at home. I tried to encourage her to pursue looking at ways to generate income from home. She though, like many, said she is afraid of the unknown, risk.

I understand how she feels. I am guilty too. That is no way to live, but so many people are living like that. So many live a life of regret’s.

Don’t live a life of I shoulda, coulda and woulda 

If you are not taking full advantage of your freedoms, I encourage you to just go for it. What have you got to lose?

I’m not saying to take uncalculated and unnecessary risk, but with the Internet it is not that hard to research an opportunity for it’s validity.

I heard someone say, “do what is hard while things are easy, so that when things get hard, you can do what is easy.”

In other words while the blood is running through your veins. While you are fortunate enough to have a job. While you are blessed to live in America, take advantage of your freedoms.

Get yourself a plan B, C and D, for your financial peace of mind and to live the life you truly desire.

The world is yours and mine for the taking.

See Ya next post…

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