A Case For Multiple Streams Of Income

To day we celebrate Independence day, yet many of us aren’t really independent. Independent of our life’s circumstance anyway.

Our economic climate has changed so much that now it is just not wise for anyone to totally depend on one source for income.

America and the world for that matter are going though some hard times economically. I am not sure that things will quite ever be the same as they were.

I have first hand experience with know the importance of having multiple streams of income.

I am single now, but prior to my divorce back in 1998, my wife and I enjoyed a two income household and we still struggled to make ends meet. Then after our divorce I went from two incomes to one, plus I only got paid once a month.

It was quite hard for me the first year and a half after my divorce. Then I was blessed to get a part time income from working a delivery route.

I worked that delivery route for 11 years and finally because of the changes in the economy it was not profitable anymore fro me to work that gig.

Well fast forward 11 plus years and I am once again down to one income, but I have been blessed to pay down most of my debt so that it is not as hard to stay a float. And I have found a few opportunities to earn a little extra money from my online ventures.

Many of us would be able to get our heads above water if we could bbring in jsut an extra $300 to $5oo more per month.

That’s what I like about the internet, it offers us the potential to investigate opportunities to create and generate multiple and extra income streams.

I know there are scams online, but I believe there are also some legit opportunities available online too that can help individuals to claim their independence, at least from a financial side.

What are some of the things you are doing to try and generate ways to have multiple streams of income?

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