Hello again fellow entrepreneur,

What took you so long to get over here from the last post 😆 .

Okay, so by now, 2003, I’d begun to except technology, somewhat.

I’d graduated from using the Clark Kent, big metal box phone booth, for making calls when out on the road traveling, too a pre-paid, trac phone and pager.

By 2003, I had pretty well adjusted to being single again and I’d actually had been on a few dates, okay so, they were more like night mares, but I digress. 

Also, in 2003 I had purchased and moved into another home, (GOD is good,) and I decided, Willie, it’s time to try this Internet thing again.

My first serious adventure using the internet was…You guessed it. Online Dating.

I had been hearing and seeing these commercials about dating, you know, Eharmony and, well actually that’s all I did hear about back then was Eharmony. So, I decided I wanted to try this online dating stuff, but…

I did not have a computer, nor did I have Internet access. 

However by now I did have limited internet access at work. But, to use my job’s Internet access, for online dating, yeah right. I can see it, (I’d get a girl and then, I’d get fired for using the schools Internet service to find her.) Not…

So I did the next best thing, I got me a refurbished computer and “INTERNET ACCESS.”

Man, now I’ve got a decent computer and Internet access. I was on top of the world, so I thought.

At that time, 2003, high speed internet was just coming on the scence.

So, I had to get dail up internet access with a company called, People PC.

Man that was a Slow, slooow, super sloooowww connection, plus, I could not talk on the phone at the same time, that I was on the Internet. Oh well, back to the phone booth, ha, ha.

I finally got on Eharmony and filled out my profile. (That was an adventure.) I had to take a week of  vacation from work just so I’d have time to fill that sucker out 😆 .

Anyhu, I got in Eharmonies system and they started sending matches. Heck, ever that I stayed in the Midwest, they were sending me matches from down south and on the east coast. Every where but from my own city. I’m like great, all’s I need to do is hop in the old car and drive a few hours to have my first date, sure, no prob Bob.

Although I did meet some very lovely ladies, that long distance stuff was not going to work for me.

Oh and the Internet thing, after about six months, my poor computer barley booted up. It had contracted something called a virus or worm. 

Whatever it was, it killed my poor refurbished computer :cry:.

So the kid was back  to having no Internet access, no computer, and yep, NO DATE…

See you in the next post.

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