Hello fellow entrepreneur,

Continuing on with my adventures in getting started on and using the internet.

We left off in 2001, yep it was that far back for the kid. As I mentioned earlier, I did not quite embrace technology as readily as others. I took a stand back, wait and see how this work’s approach.

After the farce with  that web TV thing and 5 hours per month to surf the net, I cancelled my account and put that baby in the closet, way in the back. I thought hell if that’s the only way I’ll ever get internet access, forget it.

Let me take a side journey here for a minute:

 I remember getting my first cell phone, the hell with that, my first *beeper/pager even. Don’t laugh, I know some of you were just like me. (Beeper,) *boy that will date you.

I have been driving a delivery route for over 11 years and instead of having a cell phone handy, in case my family needed to reach me, I would pull over to a pay phone, you know, the big metal/glass thing superman used to run into to change from Clark Kent To super Man? (YOU DO REMEMBER THEM,) right.

Phone what? Rent the movie with Colin Farrell in it called, Phone Booth and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Yep, back in the day the phone booth was the cell phone for us baby boomers.  Young people, just be thankful for your modern day tecnologies. Can you imagine trying to carry one of those big things around so you could make or take phone calls?

So I got myself a beeper/pager.

About a year after I got the pager, I walked in a store and saw this big brick looking thing in a box. It was a trac phone, a pre-paid cell phone kit.  It cost $30, and had a rebate of double the minutes offer. Me and my cheapskate tail, figured, hey I can’t lose. So I purchased my first cell phone.

Oh and by the way I kept the pager another whole year before I realized, all’s people had to do was call my cell phone and they could reach me immediately. See I was trying to save my pre-paid minutes for “emergencies”, thus I would have people page me, then I’d call them back, yep by using the phone booth. Just kidding about the booth. I’d call them on my cell phone. 

What can I say, I was broke, okay, I was cheap.

Enough with the side journey.

*Back to online dating.

So that this post will not get too long I’ll finish this over in the next post. See you on the other side.

*To be continued….


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