Hello my name is Willie Robertson or as I like to say, Real Deal Will, what you see is what you get.

My story is pretty simple and really not that unusual. I admittedly am a serial entrepreneur. My true desire is simply to be my own boss, own my own life and to help as many others as I can along the way.

No more business as usual:

In case you haven’t noticed gone are the days of going to the neighborhood retail store to shop. Like it or not world economies are moving towards technology and e-commerce to conduct business. 


Almost daily, retail establishments are closing shop all around us and utilizing the world wide web to distribute their wares. The Internet makes life so much more convenient for people to shop and do research, and yes even work from home.

There is gold at your fingertips:

Are you ready to get your slice of the e-economy pie? How many times a day do you get those, please forward this email joke of the day or prayer chain from someone asking you to forward them to your friends. If you are doing that stuff, you can make money on the Internet. You simply need to change you focus.  My goal here at Internet Newbie Income is to try and point you in the right directionof how you might be able to do so, and hopefully help you to avoid the some of the costly mistakes we  newbies can make.


Getting started with any venture on or offline can be a little overwhelming at first,  but If you have some basic computer skills and you can type or send emails, you can potentially make money on the Internet. I won’t kidd you, it’s not easy, but being willing to learning and then taking action, could potentially postion you for success with generating income online.  

So why should you listen to me? 

Admittedly, I have not arrived yet. I am a work in progress, yet I believe you can learn from my newbie mistakes and decrease your learning curve. My blog, Internet Newbie Income, is my story and journey of discovery of how a person can learn by using the world wide web, to find my boss within and sharing my experience with others. And although I am not a millionaire, yet, I have learned a few things that have at least pointed me in the right direction with my online marketing efforts and yes, I have made money online, so I know it is possible.


I became interested in Internet Marketing back in 2006 while trying to find ways to get leads for my then MLM business. I was working 55 plus hours a week on 2 jobs so I did not have the time to go out and meet people to introduce to my MLM business, so I turned to the internet. Thing was I did not know where to start or who I could trust.  Although everyone and their mama was promising they had the way to overnight riches.


Finally after wasting hundreds of thousands of  dollars on ebooks and so called internet marketing training courses and memberships trying to figure this internet marketing thing out, I realized that I could probably save myself a lot of time and money if I had a mentor, so in 2009.  I was blessed to find a couple gentlemen that I thought I could trust and I purchased there training and began to apply what I learned.  


I am 53 years young, I love and I am thankful to God for this wonderful thing called, “LIFE” and of course, the INTERNET.


For the past 17 years I have worked full time in maintenance as a mail courier/custodian for a school district in my city.  Since I do a lot of driving, I have turned my commute time into a COMMUT-TA-VERSITY, where I can listento God’s word, all kinds of music (though I’m partial to smooth jazz), the radio, personal development CD’s, or just about anything that is positive.


My entrepreneurial journey started back in late 1980. (You can see a little more about my life and entrepreneur journey in some of my post here on my blog.)


Actually the Biz-Opp bug bit me in 1979, after I was invited to, what I later found out, was an AMWAY opportunity meeting. Much luv to Amway, and no I’m not mad at Amway, because at the ripe young age of 20, that Amway meeting got me to dreaming of the possibilities I could  have bigger and better things in my life. It got me to look for  ways to be my own boss and one day, not have to be working for someone else the rest of my life.


I have tried numerous ventures, and have been blessed to experience a few successes here and there.


I have done network marketing, direct mail, painting address numbers on curbs, which I actually did quite well with, however, no venture quite made me a full time income. Thus, I am still looking for that, “perfect fit”. So now, some 30 years later, thus we enter the era of, “INTERNET MARKETING!”


I like surfing the internet meeting people all around the world, as well as for the convenience of  bill paying, shopping, dating, and of course, “MAKING MONEY!”  I am also grateful for the invention of the Internet, THANKS AL GORE, ha, ha…


Recently, I got the novel idea that, as much time as I spend surfing and playing around on the net, why not learn and pursue ways to generate an income stream, or better yet, multiple income streams, from the Internet.


Now although I was a newbie, I did not think it would be wise for me to just jump in the deep waters of Internet marketing, “UNPREPARED”,although most of the guru courses and e-books I had purchased lead me to believe all I needed was desire, and marketing RICHES were just around the corner. NOT!!!


After a little careful study/research, I discovered there is a lot more to internet marketing success, than to, as nike say’s, just do it.


In today’s economic climate I have come to realize, it behoves us to consider other ways of generating income, from multiple sources, so as, to protect and secure ours and our families, way of life.


I have a heart toward helpling the newbie to learn how to avoid some of the pitfalls that come with marketing online while trying to build a business and hopefully help them to be successful online and in Internet marketing.


I thank God for the Internet and the many opportunities it offers me to share with others and together make money from our homes!


So, that’s a little about me.


To our mutual successes,


Willie Robertson